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149-150. W. Erskine's History oflndia, etc. (London, 1854), vol. ii, p. 281. 58 CREATION OF THE SAFAW~POWER I [PT I of the "Yazfdf" I

3 6 5 6 I must here note an error into which I fell concerning the 1 CH. 11] SHAYKH QADRU'D-DfN , i 45 tivities also aroused the suspicions of neighbouring potentates is shown by the action of Malik-i-Ashrap, who lured him to Tabriz and kept him in confinement His influence arouses jealousy. there for three months, when, warned by a dream, he released him, but subsequently attempted to recapture him and compelled him to flee into GilAn. Other holy and learned men suffered at the hands of this tyrant, and one of them, the QPdi Muhyi'd-Din of Barda'a, depicted in such vivid colours the odious oppression of Malik-i-Ashraf to J l n i Beg Khdn son of Uzbek, the ruler of the Dasht-i-QipchAq, that the latter invaded Adharb&yj6n, defeated Malik-i-Ashraf, and put him to death.

His body, according to one account, was brought to Ardabil and there buried, but according to others it was buried near the battle-field a t a village variously called Qury ill QarGyi1 or Q GriyAn. D. 1456-1488). Marta, Halima, Baki Aqi or 'Alarn-shdh Begum, whose mother, the celebrated Despina KhBt6n (" Despinacaton"), was the daughter of Kalo Ioannes, the last Christian Emperor of Trebizond, of the noble Greek family of the Comneni? The anonymous Venetian merchant whose narrative is included in the Italian travels in Persia in th 1 3 S These particulars are from the ~a'uikh-i-'~~arn-d~~d~i-'d bbdd In S50/1456 according to Babinger, o$.

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