Ancient Christian magic : coptic texts of ritual power by Marvin W Meyer; Richard Smith PDF

By Marvin W Meyer; Richard Smith

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The material covers a very long history, and it is hardly surprising that change and development took place during the Pharaonic and Greco-Roman periods. " Ray focuses upon the increasing emergence of divination, beginning in the New Kingdom (especially the Ramesside period), marked in later periods by the adaptation and assimilation of practices and materials from Mesopotamia, Persia, and the Greco-Roman world. Borghouts, Ancient Egyptian Magical Texts, has stated that in "Demotic and Coptic sources, ...

T 17. 219-20 Translator: Marvin Meyer Rainer 5 is an amulet to protect a woman from pain and distress, particularly of the womb or vulva. " TEXT lIn the name of the father] and the son and the holy Ispirit, andl our lady I the all-holy mother of god and ever-virgin Mary, and the most saintly Iforerunner John the Baptist, and the theologian St. I John the evangelist, and our saintly fathers 5 the apostles, and all the saints! I adjure every sting of the Idevil's beasts on the earth, by god and I Jesus Christ our savior, through the oil I of the Isacred baptism, tol this place where you have left Ipoisonl : I Stay lin] place and do not spread either to the heart 10 or to the head or to the vulva, but Istay where your poison, and may the person remain free of distress I through the all-holy and Ihonoredl ' name of the lalmighty god andl'Jesus Christ the Ison ..

The sign that occurs on the other amulet mentioned at the end of the text is linked to the syncretistic Egyptian figure Chnoubis (or Chnouph) . TEXT Excellent spell for driving out demons: I Formula to be spoken over his head: I Place olive branches before him 1230 and stand behind him and say, I "Greetings, god of Abraham; greetings, god I of Isaac; greetings, god of Jacob; I Jesus the upright, the holy spirit, I the son of the father, who is below the seven, 1235 who is within the seven. , until you drive away this I unclean demon Satan, I who is in him.

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